Cellular phones:
- Leasing

- Selling

Communication Services - [Services]:
- Telex transmission:
Your message will be sent to any part of the world, also by Inmarsat. For your convenience the message will be received and sent by e-mail. Every permanent client is given his personal telex number.
- Fax transmission at low prices:
We offer a system of automatic fax messages by e-mail. You will need to: pay only for the messages which were delivered successfully, reduce your communication expenses, receive the delivery confirmation, organize a multi-address sending, send fax by means of any Windows application.
- Web-page design, internet technology consultations.

For sale:
- Telephone cards (Global - One)
- Express payment cards (AKOS)

Supplementary services:
- Translation and guide services
- Visa application services
- Hotel reservation, booking air-tickets

Information and Analytical Services:
- Marketing services
- Search for goods, businessman, firm
- Verification of financial solvency and reliability
- Analytical services

Phone: (4232) 412-700, 412-100, 412-000
Address: Vladivostok, Hotel Vladivostok (Naberezhnaya street, 10), 2-nd floor, Hall "Internet-center"
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